North Ski Area Access Project

Project Complete!

The North Ski Area received a long-overdue renovation  with new concrete work equipped with stairs leading from the parking lot down to a picnic area and dock. This has made the area an much improved amenity for families.

Scope of Work

The former concrete walk ways leading to the main dock and the steep concrete path from the street to dock were removed, a new pathway from the parking lot with a more gradual incline was added. Additionally, a 30 foot ramp with railings on both sides leading to the main dock replaced the former aged wooden ramp. Picnic tables and a low retaining wall under a new shade sail completed this project. 

Project Duration

  • Start Date: October 2019
  • Completed: January 2020

Project Funding

  • Board Approval Date: May 7,2019 
  • Fund: Community Facilities Development Fund & Repair & Replacement Fund
  • Approved Amount: $36,810.00  
North Ski Area Access Project