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July 31, 2020
Test results taken in June indicated Emerald Cove was in the Warning Level (second advisory level, orange signs). EVMWD took water samples at that location on July 16, and the results have indicated that Emerald Cove has returned to the Caution Level (first advisory level, yellow signs). The orange warning signs have now been removed.

Previous Updates
Lake Testing Update | 07.02.2020 (PDF)

Lake Levels

EVMWD imported water to Canyon Lake in September 2018 in an effort to curb dropping reservoir levels.

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About Canyon Lake Dam & Drinking Water Reservoir

Canyon Lake Algal Blooms

As with any lake, ocean, or river in the nation, Canyon Lake’s aquatic ecosystem cannot be compared to a swimming pool that is treated with chemicals to ensure water quality.  If you choose to use the lake for swimming, keep in mind that natural lake processes occur and there may be times that the water quality for recreation may pose a health risk. 

Canyon Lake Algae Blooms Facts (PDF)

Lake Hotline

Call 951.244.6841 x700 to hear the most current lake conditions.