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Proposed 28 Day Readings on August 3, 2021

How Rules Are Changed

Per the Davis-Stirling Act, which applies to all common interest developments in California, before adopting or amending an Operating Rule or changing the Fine Schedule, the Board must provide notice of a proposed rule change at least 28 days before making the rule change.The text of the proposed changes must be made available to the membership at least 28 days prior to their adoption by the Canyon Lake POA’s Board of Directors (Civic Code §4360(a).).

Approval & Adoption

For a 28 Day Reading to be approved and adopted into the Rules & Regulations, the changes must be presented to the Board after the 28 days has expired. The majority of the Board must agree and approve the rule before it can be adopted into the Rules & Regulations. Once a 28 Day Reading has been posted, members are encouraged to learn more about how the proposed change could impact them. They can do this by reaching out to any of the five Board of Directors, Canyon Lake POA staff or committees.