Safety Inspection Checklist

Checklist Items

  1. Registration Documents - Registration papers must be on board
  2. State Numbering - Proper spacing, contrasting color, minimum 3 in. high
  3. Sound Producing Device - Whistle or horn, a means to attract attention
  4. Personal Flotation Device (PFD) - United States Coastal Guard (USCG) approved for each passenger, minimum of 2 for 16 feet and over. Also one Type IV throwable, pfd cushion.
  5. Visual Distress Signal - Red or Orange Flag to attract attention if in distress
  6. Alternate Propulsion - Trolling Motor, Paddle, etc.
  7. Fenders - Adequate to protect other boats and Association property
  8. Navigation Lights - Must operate and show the proper configuration for night use
  9. Default / Override System - Engine kill switch with lanyard
  10. Fire Extinguisher - One USCG approved B-1 extinguisher readily available
  11. Backfire Flame Arrester - For carbureted inboard motors, approved type in serviceable condition
  12. Fuel System - Tanks secure, ventilation, hoses in good condition
  13. Electrical System - Batteries secure, terminals clean and covered, system organized
  14. Engine Sound Level - Boats with above water or exposed exhaust must be within state motor noise limits
  15. Overall Vessel Condition - Vessel clean, well maintained, no oil in the bilge
  16. Boat Safety Exam - Must present copy of the safety exam certificate You may take boat safety test online

Safety Exam

Completion of the Canyon Lake POA Boat Owners Safety Exam will be verified at the time of inspection. The exam is available to take online. If a member is unable to take the test online a written exam will be given at the time of inspection.