Boat Measuring Procedure

Lake & Marina Section 7.2

Boat Length

Boats over 21 feet, 6 inches in length are prohibited for use on Canyon Lake. All boats (existing and new) may be required to be physically measured by the Canyon Lake POA to make certain they comply with the Canyon Lake POA's boat length limitation and manufacturers specification documentation before the registration certificate can be issued.

Verification will be based on the Manufacturers Specification Documentation. Marine Patrol has the authority to inspect and measure any boat that does not appear to match the measurements on the Manufacturers specification documentation and or Department of Motor Vehicle Registration. All boats shall be measured by these established guidelines.

Boat Measuring Guide (PDF)

Grandfather Clause for Boat Length Rule

Any boat currently registered with the Canyon Lake POA as of October 7, 2014, that exceeds the 21 feet, 6 inches requirement, will be allowed to continue to be registered for use in the Canyon Lake POA until sold or removed, providing the boat ownership is not transferred to another person in the community.