Speed Limits, Flags & Buoys

Speed & "No Wake Area"

There are two speed limits posted on the lake. The Main Lake Ski Area buoys are posted as 35 mph. The rest of the lake, however, is posted as  "no-wake" which means boats may travel up to 5 m.p.h. as long as it is not creating a wake. The boat is required to maintain no-wake even if this means they must travel at a lower speed. In the Main Lake, this includes the entire perimeter along with all coves. The entire East Bay is also a no-wake area.


Boaters are also asked to be aware of the flags used on the lake. There are three flags used; red flags, mean the Main Lake is closed to boat traffic, yellow flags mean the Main Lake is restricted to 5 mph and green flags mean there are no lake restrictions. These flags are posted at Holiday Harbor to the sides of the flagpole, and at the Eastport launch ramp.

Lake Map