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October 20, 2016 - Results are in!

Here is a message from the Facility Review Committe (FRC):


"We would like to thank everyone who participated in the Long Rage Plan Survey. We couldn’t have done it without your participation!

Beginning in June, FRC held 8 community workshops with residents and members of the active clubs and committees, to get a well-rounded list of ideas for future amenities and enhancements needed in our community. This list was then converted to a survey that was published on-line, at the POA offices, website, and other social media. 130 ideas in total were suggested by the community on how to improve the undeveloped areas of Canyon Lake, and then voted on by the community over a period of 2 months; providing excellent initial feedback to the FRC to begin our analysis.

Below are the final results for the 345 lots that participated in the survey. This represents approximately 1,000 citizens of our community, many of which are users of the existing amenities. As can be seen by the list, not all of the 130 suggestions were Capital Improvement Projects for the Master Plan, but more of operational issues, activities, or services. These will be reviewed further by Association staff for future development.

The remaining list will be the subject of preliminary discussions and analysis by the FRC to determine potential space location planning, in order to "reserve" that space in the master plan. Some suggested amenities have a natural fit for where they may potentially go, and the master plan would try to balance amenities such that all undeveloped land would potentially receive some future improvements. Eventually, costs will be determined, funding options explored, and concepts submitted to the Board of Directors for consideration. But for now, this is the preliminary data the FRC will be using to formulate a plan. 

Again, thank you to those who participated in the survey to help improve our property values and build out the remaining community facilities. Let’s continue to work together to make Canyon Lake a better "bit of paradise" 



October 18, 2016 - This survey is now closed. Thank you to all 345 homeowners who participated. Keep an eye on this page for an update on FRC's Long Range Plan proposal.

August 16, 2016 - Survey is now available! For those who prefer to fill out a survey in person, please visit the Member Services Office.  Take our survey! The Facility Review Committee (FRC) is conducting a survey to gauge the community's interest in future community enhancements as part of a proposed Long Range Plan.

The survey asks members to select the top five (5) amenity enhancements they would like to see included in a community Long Range Plan. The following list was created as a result of joint Committee Meetings and a series of Workshops. All numbers are grouped by the following categories:

1 – 8 Lodge Area Enhancements

9 – 18 Fitness Enhancements

19 – 28 Country Club Enhancements

29 – 33 Senior Oriented Enhancements

34 – 58 Parks and Beaches Enhancements

59 – 62 Equestrian Enhancements

63 – 79 Street / Parking Lot Enhancements

80 – 96 Lake Enhancements

97 – 117 General Community Enhancements

118 – 130 Youth Oriented Enhancements

1 Food/Alcohol/Concessions at Pool/Lake
2 More Shade Structures Everywhere
3 Lodge Décor
4 More Boardwalks / Continuous Sidewalks
5 Outdoor Fireplace w/ Patio Seating
6 Drinking Fountain Inside Lodge (Main Floor)
7 Acoustics/Audio/Lights at Holiday Bay Room
8 Public Shuttle to Lodge Restaurant Promotion 
9 Lap Pool
10 Indoor Pool 
11 Gymnasium with a Pool
12 Lighted Volleyball Courts
13 Exercise Equipment
14 Shallow Pool for Volleyball
15 Fitness Park – Trails for Hiking/Biking
16 Parcourse Exercise Stations along Trails
17 Rock Wall / Tree Climbing 
18 Sauna
19 Adult Only Pool with Swim Up Bar
20 Adult Jacuzzi
21 Fenced Country Club Golf Cart Access
22 Renovate the Country Club
23 Move Driving Range/Convert to Commercial
24 Menu/Phone Number on the 9th Hole
25 Portable Shade on the Driving Range Tee
26 Benches, Water Fountains at  Golf Tee Boxes
27 Indoor Virtual Reality Golf
28 All Inclusive Country Club
29 Senior Workout Center
30 Shuttle Bus Services
31 Lawn Bowling
32 Enclose Senior Center Patio
33 Shuffleboard with Shade Covering
34 Walking Trails w/ Educational Signs
35 2nd Dog Park on North Side of Canyon Lake
36 Develop Small Neighborhood Parks
37 Portable ADA Stadium Seating for Fireworks
38 Meditation Maze
39 Shade (trees, covers, structures) Everywhere
40 Family Friendly Parks
41 Group Campsite at Campground
42 Upgrade Portable Projector for Movie Nights
43 Community Gardens / Zen Garden
44 New Amphitheater at Holiday Harbor
45 Upgrade Stage at Indian Beach
46 Enhanced Beach at Campgrounds
47 Add Fire Pits to Beaches
48 More Gazebos
49 Water Misters on Shade Structures/Gazebos
50 Zip Lines
51 Better Quality Sand at Beaches 
52 Gazebo at Loch Lomand to View Dam
53 Shade Cover/Restroom/Concessions at Sunset Beach
54 Ice Rink
55 Soccer / Lacrosse Fields
56 Roller Skate Track
57 Add Basketball Courts 
58 Frisbee Golf Field
59 Horse Trails
60 Purchase Property outside North Gate
61 Cover Horse Arena
62 Wire ( Stud ) Paneling between Horse Stalls
63 Pre-Gate Structure at Main Gate (aesthetics)
64 Water Feature at Main Gate
65 Sidewalks on Major Streets
66 Canyon Lake Entrance Signs at All Gates
67 Expand All Parking Lots
68 Build Some Parking Structures
69 Decorative Street Lamps
70 Re-stripe Streets (for Golf Cart Lane)
71 Install Natural Gas Lines
72 Fiber Optic to all Homes 
73 Speed Humps/Roundabouts/Traffic Circles
74 3-Way-Stop at Continental and CLDS
75 Enhance Town Center Area and Entrance
76 Increase Height of Sound Wall on RR Canyon
77 Lights on Street Signs Throughout 
78 Secured / Covered Motorcycle Parking
79 Std.  Address Signage & Labeling Flag Lots
80 Add Launch Ramp
81 Improve Main Ramp / Add Lights
82 Develop Skippers Island
83 Water Sports Rental Center
84 Dredge the Lake
85 Expand Jump Lagoon
86 Lighted Buoys on the Main Lake
87 Bridge to Skipper’s Island 
88 Cable Park for Wakeboarding
89 Harbor Cruise Boats ( day, evening, champagne cruises)
90 More Rental Docks for Non-Lake Access Owners
91 2nd Boat Tunnel at Main Causeway
92 Add Tunnel to North Causeway
93 Add Tunnel to Jump Lagoon
94 Water Park Area on the Lake
95 ADA  Access North Causeway Dock
96 U Shaped Dock at Indian Beach to Surround Swim Area
97 Security Lighting
98 Improve Landscaping
99 Multi-Purpose Facility or Room
100 Community Bulletin Board/Kiosk
101 Landscape Master Plan for Common Areas
102 Landscape Master Plan for Homeowners
103 Building Master Plan for Continuity
104 More Meeting Rooms
105 Bridge/Walking Path: Eastport to Continental
106 Solar Grids for Member and Association Use
107 RV Parking / Storage Area
108 New Piano for Community Use
109 Security Censors Along Outer Fence
110 Permanent Emergency Operation Center
111 Develop a Park in Fairway Estates 
112 Add Docks to all Waterfront Parks
113 Develop Area by Dominoes' on Golf Course
114 Purchase Ambulances for Paramedic Use
115 Fire Extinguisher Refill Center
116 Shooting Range
117 Facility/Club House at Tennis Courts
118 Kids Clinic
119 Daycare
120 Batting Cage w/ Pitching Machines 
121 Skateboard Park
122 Splash Pads
123 Laser Tag
124 Paint Ball
125 Teen Center
126 Game Rooms
127 BMX Facility
128 Water Slides all along & into Lake
129 Tutoring Center
130 Private School

July 26, 2016 - The purpose of this survey is to allow the community an opportunity to select the top five (5) enhancements they would like to see included in a Long Range Plan. The Committee will present the results and evaluate options. (one survey per property)

FRC Workshops
There was one (1) joint Committee meeting and six (6) Workshops to brainstorm ideas for the Long Range Plan survey.






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