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The Association refurbished all 43 bunkers at the Canyon Lake Golf Course by reshaping each bunker to its original shape, adding new sand and making necessary drainage and irrigation repairs. This project was completed in August 2017. 

Bunkers are a common occurrence on golf courses, as they often create an obstacle for the golfer to play out. Traditionally, bunkers are reshaped and re-sanded every five to seven years. However, the last time the Canyon Lake Golf Course had this done was in 2009. At the present, the bunkers are in poor condition. Years of edging expand or shrink the bunkers causing them to lose their shape. There are also drainage issues with the bunkers. This has affected the playability of the course.

  • Enhanced irrigation
  • Will reduce excess water run-off at each bunker which will improve playing conditions and preserve the condition of each bunker
  • Improved aesthetic and strategic playability of course
  • Hard-packed surface that currently limits the course functionality will be replaced with new SCGA approved sand

Board Approval Date: June 6, 2017
Line Item: Reserve Items #1006 & 1007
Approved Amount: $198,007.65


   Project Fact Sheet




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