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Request for Proposal (RFP)
Open as of February 21, 2017
The Canyon Lake Property Owners Association, a California not-for-profit corporation with approximately 4,800 lots, is soliciting proposals from qualified security firms to provide professional Community Patrol services for the Association, as described in the below RFP. If you are interested in submitting a bid in response to this opening, please do so by 3 p.m. on March 23, 2017, following all criteria and mailing instructions described in the RFP.

***A site walk-through has been scheduled for Friday, March 3, 2017 at 10 a.m. at 31512 Railroad Canyon Road, Canyon Lake, CA 92587 in the POA Conference Room***


Amendment 3: March 9, 2017
RFP Document, Page 6-7; Section C Equipment/Uniforms; Paragraph 2:

"Equipment to be supplied by Company: All equipment (with the exception of the equipment to be provided by the Association) necessary for Company to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement and provide high-quality, first-class services, including, but not limited to, a communication system, a guard control system and no less than four patrol vehicles,* which vehicles must be clearly designated as Company vehicles and be on-site at the Association at all times. All vehicles provided by Company must be no more than four-years old. Of the required vehicles, all four will be white in color. All vehicles and other equipment (including equipment provided by the Association) must be maintained by Company in good working order and in a clean and attractive condition at all times, and be repaired and/or replaced by Company or Association (as noted) when necessary."

*3/9/17 Update – The Association is seeking a total of (4) four patrol vehicles.*

*3/9/17 Update - Company vehicles age changed from two to four-years old.*

Amendment 2: March 2, 2017
Operations Procedures Manual and Post Orders, Page 22, Gate Attendant Post Orders – General

Adding the following order:
“Before issuing a pass or granting access, make sure that the gate arm is open and in an upright position.”

 Download Community Patrol Services RFP
 Download Community Patrol Operations Procedures Manual and Post Orders 2017


Any inquiries regarding this Association or this invitation should be directed to:

Canyon Lake Property Owners Association
Attn:  Cory Gorham, CCAM, Sr. Member Services Manager
31512 Railroad Canyon Road
Canyon Lake, CA 92587
Phone: 951-244-6841,  ext. 311
Fax: 951-566-9221


Question: Does the BOD want to keep any of the existing staff or do they want to start with an entirely new crew?
Answer: Assuming the selected provider is not the existing provider, the Association would be open to keeping existing staff.

If team members are to be kept can we please get a list of job titles and a pay scale range so that will be able to match or better pay rates?
Answer: Yes, job titles and pay ranges could be shared with the selected provider.

Question: What will the determining factor be for the selection of a provider?
Answer: In addition to the requirement outlined in the RFP, submitted proposals will be evaluated on a variety of factors including:

1. Overall cost.
2. Association's assessment of providers ability to meet the communication and vehicle equipment needs.
3. Association's assessment of features, functionality, and sophistication of the proposed guard control system.
4. Association's assessment of the providers pre-assignment training programs list and value added courses.
5. Overall thoroughness and attention to detail.

Upon review of submitted proposals, select providers will be asked to return for interviews and further evaluation on a date to be determined.

Question: What are the current service issues?
Answer: The Association will not be disclosing specific service issues, however, a point of emphasis for the selected provider will be to work with Association management in developing a comprehensive training program which address pre-assignment training, on-the-job training, and ongoing education.

Question: How are they billing you for patrol cars? Do you pay for fuel and if so do we send receipts at end of month?
Answer: To clarify, the Association is asking bidders to provide an all inclusive rate to maintain and fuel a total of four vehicles which are to remain on-site at all times. To assist bidders, the Association has averaged a total of 17,500 miles per month over the last 12 months.

Question: Is the Association requesting armed or unarmed officers?
Answer: The Association is requesting unarmed officers whose primary responsibility would be to deter, detect, observe and report.

Question: Is there an allowance for patrol vehicles?
Answer: No.

Question: Will the current vendor be proposing?
Answer: The RFP is open to all interested bidders. 

Question: What is the current contract worth?
Answer: The Association will not be disclosing that information. Please provide your best proposal based on the hours and requirements identified in the RFP.

Related Information

 Download Canyon Lake Property Owners Association's Rules and Regulations

RFP Bid Opening Date
Bids for Community Patrol Services will be opened during an Open Session in the POA Conference Room on Friday, March 24, 2017 at 9 a.m. in the POA Conference Room at the CLPOA Office. 







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