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Main Gate Project Update - ADR Conclusion

In August 2015, the Board of Directors approved a plan to redesign the Main Gate that will offer members and their guests streamlined access and a modern-day aesthetic enhancement into the busiest entrance of the Canyon Lake community. While the vast majority of property owners favored the Main Gate improvements, a handful of owners challenged the project. This challenge caused the Association to seek a third party review of the Bylaws, reserves, and California law governing Homeowner Associations. To ensure that this process was handled appropriately and transparently, the Board offered to take the dispute to an independent arbitrator to hear both sides and confirm the matter was reviewed in a non-biased manner.

After reviewing all the necessary documentation, including the Association’s Bylaws, the third-party arbitrator determined that the main gate project was a reserve project and not subject to a full vote of the membership. The arbitrator ruled in favor of the Association’s Board of Directors, finding that the Board “acted well within its authority pursuant to California law and the Association’s Bylaws."

With this clarification of the Bylaws, the Association will be moving forward with the Main Gate Project in an effort to improve the common area for all of our property owners.

   Click Here To View Complete Decision Made By The Arbitrator - 11/21/2015
   Click Here To View the JAMS Brief: CLPOA Main Gate - 11/21/2015
   Click Here To View Supporting Exhibit 1 - 11/21/2015
   Click Here To View Supporting Exhibit 3 - 11/21/2015
   Click Here To View Supporting Exhibit 4 - 11/21/2015
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Halloween Safe Practices & Tips

With Halloween right around the corner, children are rightfully getting excited for one of their most exciting holidays of the year. However, this holiday can sometimes hectic for parents and guardians as they must be conscious of where their children are and who they are with. The Riverside Sheriff’s Department offers some of the following safety tips to help make this a fun and safe holiday for all.

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Motorcycle Parking In Canyon Lake

While the Association’s Declaration of Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) prohibit operation or use of motorcycles, two or three wheeled motorized vehicles and off-road vehicles inside the community, the Association has created designated parking areas at each gate for these types of vehicles. Parking in these areas is free, but members are required to obtain a decal and visitors are asked to display their guest pass on the vehicle while parking in these lots.

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