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Annual Notice - Homeowner Information Request Form

  1. In an effort to eliminate confusion as to how community association owners receive communication from their associations, the California Legislature has placed on the homeowner the burden of updating their addresses of record for association notification. The new law also places additional obligations on associations. Civil Code Section 4041 obligates associations to solicit these address notifications from owner annually.  Homeowners can expect a solicitation letter from the CLPOA in March. To update your information you can return the form you received from the CLPOA or fill out the online form below (please note if you are filling out the online form you will need to attach a copy of your CLPOA id card).

  2. Property Address

  3. Property Status*

  4. Mailing Address

  5. Legal Representation

    If you would like to add your representative to your property, please visit the CLPOA's Member Services office located at 31512 Railroad Canyon Road in Canyon Lake.

  6. Please type your full name above to consent that the information you are providing is accurate and that you agree to provide this information to the Canyon Lake Property Owners Association in compliance with Civil Code Section 4041.

  7. Must provide a copy of your CLPOA ID card to verify and validate your information.

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